For a chemical treatment inside your home or business, all people and pets must be removed, and we require a 2 – 4 hour stay out time depending on the treatment.

For a full structure fumigation all people, pets and plants must be removed (this is when the tent is put on top of your home/facility)


Absolutely. We do offer localized termite treatments that are effective and leave a residual that will last for years to come.

Everyone, including pets should be kept out during treatment and for at least 2-4 hours after treatment is completed. Once the chemical is in it’s dry state it is safe to re-enter the area.

Yes, we are fully insured, licensed and bonded

We do offer a 1-year warranty for local termite treatments (in the area(s) that was treated) and a 3-year warranty on all termite full structure fumigations.

Results will vary depending upon your personal level of preparation and infestation. After the first service you should see a substantial decrease in activity, but complete control can take more services.

We ask that after your regular service you not water your lawn for a period of 24 hours to allow the products time to dry and take effect. After 24 hours you can water your grass and plants like normal.

It is quite normal to see pest activity right after treating, because the products we use are designed to not only target the surface bugs, but also their colonies. If you do continue to see activity a week after your regular service, you can contact us to schedule another service.

No, if you cannot be home, you can leave any gate(s) unlocked so your technician can treat the entire property.

Absolutely. Please click here PAYMENT to register your account and pay online by debit or credit card.

Yes, we have a line of green products that we can use to service your home or facility. Make sure you speak with the office so we can put a permanent note on your account to ensure we use the correct products each service