Rodent Control

Don’t Allow Rodents to spoil your business


  • Rodents contaminate food
  • Rodents can spread diseases
  • Rodents can damage property
  • Rodents breed quickly
  • Rodents WILL cost you money


What can Quality Commercial Pest Control do for you?

A rodent prevention program is essential to the success of your business. Rodents cause millions and millions of dollars of damage to businesses each and every year. Quality Commercial Pest Control will create a plan tailored to your facility. We will use a combination of exclusion, good sanitation, and good prevention methods to ensure the safety of your facility.

What methods work the best?

Preventive Maintenance works the best!¬†Knowing the environment your facility is placed in and what problems could occur will ultimately help you and your account manager develop a program to keep your facility rodent free. Don’t wait until your facility has rodents to put a plan in place. It is easier to prevent it than to rid your facility of the problem when it comes and less costly as well. Below is several methods to keep your facility under control or rid your facility of any rodent problems you may be experiencing.

Bait Stations

Controlling the damage caused by Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and house mice (Mus musculus) often involves the use of poison baits. Using bait stations in a rodent control program may increase the effectiveness and safety of rodent baits (rodenticides). Bait stations offer a preventive approach allowing rodents to first find the rodenticides placed on the exterior of the building deterring them from entering the structure of your facility. Exterior rodent bait stations offer great control in almost any setting.images-rodent-bait-stations

Rodent Exclusion/Proofing

Physical exclusion of rodents is the most important part of any rodent control program. Physical exclusion keeps rodents from entering your structure and damaging food, equipment, and goods to be sold. Our licensed inspectors and service specialists will properly inspect your facility and note all areas where rodents may be able to enter your structure and work closely with management to ensure that your facility is “rodent proof”.

Quality Commercial Pest Control gives a full one year warranty on any exclusion work performed by our company.


Liquitox Watering Stations

Liquitox Watering Stations is a liquid bait that allows us to quickly get your facility under control. Rodents need Food, Water, and Harborage to survive. Using the liquitox in conjunction with a rodenticide in a bait station, snap traps, or other baits gives rodents two of the three necessities they need and allows us to quickly rid your facility of rodents.


Glueboards/Snap Traps/T-Rex’s

Glueboards, Snap Traps, and T-Rex’s offer good control of rodents that have already entered the structure of your facility. Our service specialists will do a full inspection of the interior and strategically place glue boards or traps in the interior of your facility and monitor them to ensure proper control and eradication of rodents.

Glue boards and traps act as a report card for us monthly. We check them and replace them as necessary to ensure your problem is under control.

Tin Cats are a more permanent solution to help monitor your facility on a monthly basis. Inside each tin cat is a glue monitor that has a peanut butter attractant to draw any rodents or insects to the glueboards first rather then to the food or goods stored inside your facility.


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